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Young pupils studying for SAT

What are SATS

SATS (Standard Assessment Tests) tests are given at the end of year 2, year 6 and year 9. They are used to show your child's progress compared with other children born in the same month. The mean (average) score for each age group on an assessment is set at 100 and the standard deviation at 15. For any age group a given numerical value has the same meaning in terms of standing relative to the group. For example, an eight year old and a nine year old, each of whom has a standard age score of 105, have performed equally well in relation to the average for their respective age groups.

Are you set for SATs revision?
You could be in the midst of one of three lots of Standard Assessment Tests (SATs)

Key Stage 1
SATs take place in year 2 (at the end of infants) throughout May. Each child is teacher assessed in Reading, writing (including spelling and handwriting), maths (including number, shape, space and measurement) and science. Your child's class teacher will set short pieces of work in English and maths to judge what level of ability your child is considered to be.

Key Stage 2
SATs take place in May and are far more formal than Key Stage 1, hence they seem much more stressful! The tests which are taken in year 6 cover the three core subjects, English, Maths and Science. Very bright children may be assessed by teachers to see if they can reach higher levels. The papers are sent away to be marked with results being available before your child leaves primary school in July.

Key Stage 3 teacher assessments
The Key Stage 3 teacher assessment for 14 year olds covers:

·         English 

·         maths 

·         science 

·         history 

·         geography 

·         modern foreign languages

·         design and technology 

·         Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

·         art and design

·         music 

·         physical education 

·         citizenship

·         religious education

By the age of 14, most children are expected to achieve level 5.

May and are once again formal tests/exams. The exams cover work done in English, Maths and Science during years 7 to 9. These exams are often used to decide which GSCE set your child will be placed in. Level 8 is only available in Maths, as changes this year have removed the extension papers in Science and English.

Here is a simple table to show you the expectations of a child:

Level Comments
Level W  Working towards level 1, very weak
Level 1  Average for a typical 5 year old
Level 2  Average for a typical 7 year old
Level 3  Average for a typical 9 year old
Level 4  Average for a typical 11 year old
Level 5  Average for a typical 13 year old
Level 6  Average for a typical 14 year old
Level 7  Above average for typical 14 yr old
Level 8  Only available in maths 

So, if your child is sitting the Year 6 Key Stage 2 SATs and achieves level 4, well done: level 5 signals a very able or gifted child: level 3 is below average and indicates your class teacher and you should work together to identify what can be done to give extra help and promote confidence and a desire to learn.
Additionally you may find bands 'a', 'b' and 'c' are given within the levels. This simply indicates a range within the level, a being the highest and c being the lowest.

SATS results, together with the teacher's assessment are used to stream your child at secondary school so it is imperative that you focus on them.

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Tips of the day
If you find that your homework is taking too long, speak to your parents.
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